Be Be Kids Learning Center

Contact Info

Owner: Ruby Johnson
Address: 413 Second Street, Indianola MS 38751
Contact Phone: (662) 887-8114
Partnership Slot Capacity: 24

Mission Statement

Be Be Kids Learning Center was established in 1999, and in our 19 years of operation, the mission is quite simple. We believe through play, our child can learn anything. Like the cliché says, the sky is the limit.

We provide a solid educational foundation that will foster school readiness skills. Here at BBKLC, our entire staff is highly trained. We embrace diversity and accept all races, ethnicities, and disabilities. This facility is family oriented, so we encourage parents to be hands on and visit as regularly as possible. Be Be Kids Learning Center is “the village that it takes to raise your child”.


Here at Be Be Kids Learning Center, we are a licensed child care facility that meets all requirements required by the MsDHS and Child care governing laws. We believe it our duty to help each child reach their maximum potential. Each teacher is highly trained to give each child the attention they need to excel. Our children learn through play, so they don’t just sit around learning charts. With the child’s full involvement, our staff is on the floor explaining as they go throughout the day. We, at BBKLC, believe that it is our job to not only care for the children, by to nurture their physical, social/emotional, creative, and cognitive development. It is our job to motivate and understand each child’s personal needs.

In our 19 years of operating, we understand each child and family is unique and our mission is to keep everyone involved. We conduct meeting and encourage frequent visits to our classrooms. You will never feel left out. We have a state of the art security and surveillance system for the safety and protection of our children. Your child’s well-being is our top priority. Our goal is to provide quality care in a safe, nurturing environment. We work tirelessly to build a lifelong bond by embodying everything you desire in a child care and promote a healthy learning environment for you and your children.

We’re teaching tomorrow’s leaders, here at Be Be Kids.