Buck-A-Roo Learning Center

Contact Info

Owner: Helen Buckner
Address: 805 Hoover St, Indianola MS 38751
Contact Phone: (662) 207-2351
Partnership Slot Capacity: 32

When it originally opened in the early 1980s, the Buck-A-Roo Learning Center had the distinction of being the first early childhood learning center in Indianola; and as such, has historically been widely recognized and highly esteemed for the dedication of its teachers and their effectiveness in preparing students to matriculate successful in public schools after leaving Buck-A-Roo. The mission of Ruck-A-Roo Learning Center is be a positive educational beacon in the lives of children and families in Sunflower County, to continue to play an integral role in the development of productive citizens of tomorrow, and to continue its long tradition of making sure that our children are not left behind by effectively employing the most creative and imaginative methodologies that are available to us to broaden the horizons for all our children.

All staff of Buck-A-Roo have high qualifications and exceptional commitment to their students and to the teacher profession. Over the years, Buck-A-Roo has refined its organizational capacity by developing strong ties with the local community, residents and businesses, civic and religious leaders; by recruiting, hiring, training and retaining teachers who hold the highest required degrees, credentials, by making use of recognized professional standards. The Center is dedicated to meeting the highest quality standards in order to provide children with focused, individualized and family-centered developmental services; including therapeutic, mental health, nutrition, and health and safety. The staff of Buck-A-Roo engages parents in appropriate programs and activities designed to strengthen teacher-parent relations on behalf of the child. Parents are encouraged to participate in ongoing training sessions which will improve their skills as parents and as effective partners with the teachers.

We strive to be a model of child care excellence by identifying methodologies and best practices that actually work with our children and by helping to ensure that learning for our children celebrates the richness of diversity and helps each of them to be proud of their culture, accepting of their individuality, and embracing of the community in which they live. In these ways, we hope that we will have the opportunity to give back to our community for giving us the opportunity to play a positive influence in the lives of our children.