Imaginarium Learning Center

Contact Info

Owner: Bobbie White
Address: 160 East Broadway, Drew MS 38737
Contact Phone: (662) 719-7772
Partnership Slot Capacity: 24

Imaginarium Learning Center was opened in August, 2003 to give neighboring children a safe learning environment, an environment designed to prepare children for the next stages of life. The classroom areas are equipped to challenge each child’s imagination and creativity; it inspires new adventures and discoveries. Caregivers encourage children to initiate learning activities and are there to assist the experience. The program focuses on the total development of the children’s social, emotional, physical and academic well being. Children and parents will be embraced with a curriculum that is designed to meet each child’s daily need. It is our goal to make a difference in a child.


To help each child develop into a well rounded individual by offering skill building activities for the mind and body. Provide a safe learning environment to meets the domains for age appropriate activities and materials for each child’s level. Challenges are provided for creativity and discoveries to helps children learn of their capabilities.


Children will learn if they are given the opportunity. Imaginarium staff pledges to provide all children the opportunities for development.