Frequently Asked Questions

What does Early Head Start Child Care Partnership do?

This full day, full year program Early Head Start approach to child care provides early, continuous, intensive and comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income infants and toddlers and their families in a child care center setting.

Is my child eligible for the Early Head Start Child Care Partnership?

Children from 6 weeks old to age 3 from families with low income, according to the Poverty Guidelines published by the federal government, are eligible for Early Head Start services.  Children in foster care, homeless children, and children from families receiving public assistance (TANF or SSI) are automatically eligible for Early Head Start services regardless of income.

Click here to see the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

Will my child be able to apply if he/she has a special need?

Yes, we welcome children with special needs. We have qualified educators on board that will determine the least restrictive environment of learning for your child.

What documents do I need to provide to see if I qualify?

Families need to provide a legal form of proof of the child’s age such as a birth certificate and documentation of 12 previous month’s income.  Once these documents are verified, families who are age and income eligible will be assigned eligibility points that will help prioritize them on the waitlist for selection for enrollment slots. Families need to also provide proof of immunization (Form 121).

Are there any charges or fees to participate in the Head Start or Early Start programs?

There is no cost for eligible families to participate in the Early Head Start Child Care Partnership.

What are the hours of the Early Head Start Child Care Partnership programs?

Most of the full-day programs operate from 7am to 5pm.

When does school start and end?

The Early Head Start Child Care Partnership is a full year program, observing holidays that are made public to parents.

How do I start the process to see if I qualify for Head Start?

A parent interest card is either filled out at the site or over the phone with basic information so that staff can contact interested families.  See contact information below.

I’ve already submitted a parent interest card or applied what next?

If you have already completed a parent interest card or submitted an application there is a process that is called the Application Eligibility Review which determines if your family meets the Federal Income Guidelines and eligibility for the program. This review involves the following:

  • A Family Service Coordinator will contact you to complete the application process.
  • A meeting will be arranged with you to verify your family income and your child’s birth date. To do this you will need statements of your family income for the past twelve (12) months. You can show this with pay stubs, your W-2 form, a written statement from your employer, or sign a consent to release letter so we may obtain this information.  To verify your child’s birth date we will need to see a birth certificate, hospital certificate, baptismal record or passport.
  • During this meeting, the Family Service Coordinator will also take statistical information about you and your family, such as the number of members in your household, your child’s ethnicity, etc.
  • After completing this review, your child’s application will be placed on the appropriate waitlist to await consideration for enrollment into one of our sites.

Will I need to turn in another application if my child is on the waitlist?

No, your child will remain on the waitlist until a vacancy occurs.  If child turns three before a vacancy occurs, please complete an application for the local Head Start Program.

I’ve met with a Family Service Coordinator, when do I enroll my child?

A Family Service Coordinator will contact you to complete an enrollment packet to prepare for your child’s enrollment into the program. Part of the enrollment packet will require getting a current physical exam, immunization record, and a dental screening for your child.

I’ve completed the enrollment packet when does my child start?

Once the packet is completed, you will be contacted by the Family Service Coordinator.

Can I stay in the classroom with my child?

Yes, parents are always welcome to volunteer at their child’s classroom.

What happens when my child turns three?

At 30 months, the Family Service Manager begins transitioning the child into Head Start or another early childhood program.  This process includes parents, family service, education, disabilities (if applicable) and the receiving agency.  The goal is continuity of care in a coordinated and timely fashion.